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Harness creative intelligence to solve critical problems so that we can build an inclusive future.

There is a Global Creativity Gap Taking Place

"More than half of those surveyed feel that creativity is being stifled by their education systems, and many believe creativity is taken for granted (52% globally, 70% in the United States)."
- Adobe Creativity Study

Work is rapidly evolving, requiring new skills, new ways of thinking, communicating, collaborating, and connecting to build long-term relationships.

What Members Are Saying

Bringing LEGO® to the equation made it easier to connect with more folks, more easily, and with far more smiles and laughter then at any other event I’ve been too. Highly recommend!"

Laura F. | Chicago, IL

If you want your team to think differently, it helps to get their brains feeling differently.

Taking a playful approach to team building and problem solving activates the creative parts of the brain needed to drive real innovation and collaboration." 

Jason M. | Seattle, WA

Benjamin brings something many companies are looking for: Purpose. His P.L.A.Y. methodology transformed our definition of teamwork and the importance of self-expression to drive innovation. 

His custom approach to designing our workshop delivered the perfect experience to energize and unite the company culture of our organization. You will be absolutely happy working with Benjamin. 

Who doesn't want to play and be productive at the same time?!"

Eben G. | Seattle, WA

Meet Your Host

Hi! 👋 I'm Benjamin.

I'm a brand culture expert and host of this community. 

See you on the inside!

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